FAW 8×4 J6P DUMP TRUCKS 420PS (Euro 2)

Export model, auto A/C, 400L steel fuel tank, iron bumper, desert air filter, aluminum radiator, front and rear multi layers suspension, driver’s cab rear two-points spiral spring suspension, electric hydraulic lifting device, elevating hydraulic lifting support, rear suspension 1000mm, ZF reaction rod

Product Details



车箱尺寸The carriage length width height 7200×2300×1500mm,底8mm周6mm Q345锰板,前支整体式矩形厢,国产缸,全车打胶处理,螺栓及小件采用镀锌处理,后尾灯上移
7200×2300×1500mm, base thickness 8mm,side thickness 6mm,  Q345 manganese plate,  anterior branch of integral type rectangular box, domestic brand cylinder, the whole vehicle covered with glue, bolts and small spare parts shall be galvanized,  tail lamp moved up
总质量(kg) 50000
Gross weight(kg)
整备质量(kg) 18000
kerb weight (kg)
额定载质量(kg)   Rate load weight 32000
发动机Engine Model 锡柴CA6DM2-42(Euro II)
Xichai CA6DM2-42 (Euro II, imported pump)
功率Power 420马力 horsepower
轴距Wheel base 2100+3600+1350mm
变速箱型号 CA12TAX210M变速器(法兰输出取力器)
Transmission Model 12 speed manual (flange pto)
离合器Clutch ф430
驾驶室Cab 2014款J6P全浮平顶小排半驾驶室、电动玻璃升降、手动后视镜、驾驶员座椅为空气减振座椅
2014 model J6P full floating flat roof one and a half row cab, electronic windows, manual rear view mirror, air vibration reduction driver’s seat
后桥Rear Axle 车桥ф300铸铁改进轮减桥(手动调整臂、8孔V杆)
ф300 improved casting wheel reduction axle (manual adjustment arm, 8 hole V rod)
后桥速比Gear ratio 5.921
车架Frame 300*80*(8+8+5)mm(three layers frame)
轮胎规格Tire 12.00R20型18层级(8.8寸轮辋)
12.00R20  18 layers ( 8.8 inch rim)