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J7 Offline L4 Series Smart Car Release A New Era of Emancipating Intelligence

Qiu Xiandong, a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager of the FAW Group Party Committee, said in his speech that FAW’s liberation has never stopped its advancement on the road of industrial service and industrial power. The emancipation of the seventh-generation heavy trucks J7 and L4 series of smart cars is the latest achievement in inheriting more than 60 years of vehicle manufacturing heritage, fully grasping the market laws and user requirements, and system integration of intelligent networking technology. In the future, with the deep application of intelligent network-linked technology, FAW Liberation will create a new operating model for the logistics industry, injecting strong momentum for the transformation and upgrading of China's auto industry and logistics industry.

FAW Besturn Senia R9 officially went offline and will be listed nationwide on May 26

Besturn SENIA R9 originated from FAW's new generation of SUV strategic platform. It is the first strategic model after the establishment of FAW Pentium Business Division. It carries the brand vision of FAW Pentium “Building a new era of fine models and achieving a good new experience”. The new car debuted at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25 and will be listed nationwide this month.

China FAW and Huawei Technologies Deepen Cooperation in Various Fields

On April 10th, China First Auto Group Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Changchun, and continued to deepen cooperation in many areas such as car networking and industrial Internet. Chairman of the First China Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Xu Liuping, Party Committee Secretary, and Xu Zhijun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony.

New car led the new strategic new FAW Besturn 2018

On April 25th, 2018 (15th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition reopened, the FAW Besturn brand with a complete brand image and new model was transformed at the Beijing International Motor Show.

China FAW and Huawei Technologies Deepen Cooperation in Various Fields

China FAW, as an ultra-large auto manufacturing enterprise directly under the Central Government, has accumulated rich experience in product development, technology accumulation, independent innovation, and manufacturing after more than 60 years of development.

FAW Toyota RAV4 Special Edition Released

FAW Toyota launched a special edition of the RAV4 Commorium Commemorative Edition, which will also be sold as a limited edition in spring. The special focus of this special car is to further enhance the appearance of the RAV4 Rong Fang.


On March 6, 2018, FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. re-successfully won the 2017 Toyota Motor Service Global Recognition Gold Award. It is reported that this FAW Toyota won the award with a total score of more than 900 points and achieved the three consecutive championships from 2015 to 2017. The largest Toyota business body. This marks that FAW Toyota has the highest level of after-sales service in all Toyota's global businesses.