290 Hongqi H7 Service 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit


On August 15th, the delivery ceremony was held in Beijing. The China FAW Hongqi brand delivered 290 Hongqi H7 to the China-Africa Forum Organizing Committee. Sun Zhiyang, Standing Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of China FAW Party Committee, Assistant General Manager of China FAW Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Jinqi Hongqi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., Mr. Jin Jinwen, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Service Center Xu Feihong, Deputy Director Zhang Taoping, and a number of media The representative attended the event.


Director Xu Feihong gave full recognition to the Hongqi sedan. He said: "The red flag is a 'national car', which embodies the Chinese people's heavy national sentiments. It is the benchmark for China's own brands and the first business card for Chinese cars. China-Africa Forum Beijing Summit It is not only an important meeting to deepen China-Africa cooperation, but also an important window for the guests to showcase their national strength. In the important VIP reception car, the red flag is undoubtedly the best choice."





At the event, Director Xu Feihong awarded the license to the representative of China FAW. Deputy General Manager Sun Zhiyang delivered the Hongqi H7 key to the director Xu Feihong, and the delivery ceremony was successfully completed. Sun Zhiyang said: "Hongqi H7 can contribute to the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. It is a glory and a responsibility. This is the first cooperation between the two sides. Hongqi will definitely provide service guarantee and provide high-quality and comprehensive services for the guests. Vehicle service, showing the strength and style of the national auto industry."

The 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit will focus on "cooperating and win-win, building a closer community of fate between China and Africa". The focus will be on building the "One Belt and One Road" between China and Africa, the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and the AU "2063". The Agenda of the Year is combined with the development strategies of African countries to achieve win-win and common development of China-Africa cooperation at a higher quality and higher level. Under the profound and complicated changes in the international situation, the summit will surely become a milestone historic event in the history of the development of China-Africa relations. As China's first self-owned brand high-end car, Hongqi H7 became the designated car for the summit, fully demonstrating the strength and influence of the Hongqi brand and demonstrating the strategic achievements of the new Hongqi.



60 years ago, the first Hongqi car in New China was off the assembly line in Changchun; 60 years later, the new Hongqi ushered in a new life, with the support of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Changchun City, and other governments. Deepening the reform, since the release of the new strategy at the beginning of the year, the results of various dimensions such as brand, styling, products, services, channels, and new formats have emerged. As a C-class luxury sedan in the Chinese brand, the Hongqi H7 combines the most advanced modern car concept and car-making technology, quality and service to shoulder the international high-end sedan brand. With the perfect pursuit of product quality, Hongqi H7 is fully compliant with international first-class brands in all aspects of interior and exterior decoration design, vehicle equipment and comfort. The exterior is luxurious and comfortable, and the interior space is luxurious and comfortable, and 360-degree global security protection is realized. Since its listing, it has become the first choice for many internationally important event vehicles. It has been exhibited in important events at home and abroad, such as the Eurasian Economic Forum, the APEC Conference, the G20 Summit, and has won numerous praises.