Achieve 169,000 in half a year, the annual target of 286,000! Liberation will sail in the middle of 2018!

In the newly released brand value list, the liberation of 60.7 billion yuan in the first commercial vehicle, once again confirmed the position of the leader in the field of commercial vehicles.


At the meeting, Wang Zhicai, the head of FAW Jiefang Marketing Headquarters and the general manager of FAW Jiefang Sales Company, proposed a new marketing target: 2018 medium and heavy truck sales target of 208,000 vehicles in 2018, with a market share target of 22%.
In order to achieve this goal, Mr. Wang put forward the working principle of “turning the train of thought, adjusting the structure and fighting the terminal”: taking products as the cut-off, while expanding the traction advantage, consolidating the leading position of the cargo, and continuously improving the self-unloading sales; Breakthroughs in the Western, private, overseas and other shortcomings will expand the results; through innovative marketing models and optimized communication platforms, we will further explore the development of derivative business, strengthen network management and control, and provide users with better operational solutions.
Liu Yanzhong, senior director of FAW Jiefang Product Management Department, conducted a product interpretation. On the basis of analyzing market demand and industry competition, we will liberate the newly launched innovative products and core advantages one by one, demonstrating the product layout that is liberating with the times and keeping up with the market demand.
Hu Xiaodong, deputy director of FAW Jiefang Marketing Headquarters and deputy general manager of FAW Jiefang Sales Company, said in the service special interpretation report that in the new environment of commercial vehicle marketing, users hope to get more humanized services. Liberation will focus on the customer experience, realize the five major transformations of service work, and then win user recognition and enhance brand value.
At the mid-year meeting, Mr. Hu Hanjie, Assistant General Manager of FAW Group and Chairman of the Liberation Company, delivered an important speech on the theme of “Practicing the Present, Seeking the Future, Creating a Centennial Evergreen Industry”. Mr. Hu obtained the first half of the liberation marketing system. The performance is highly recognized, and the future development trend of the industry has been judged and the next step is required.
In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Hu has put forward work requirements for new product promotion, major customer marketing, full value chain research and new business development, and pointed out the direction for the second half of the liberation work.
At this conference, the star products from the two major commercial vehicle production bases in Changchun and Qingdao were unveiled and became one of the highlights of the conference.
J7, new J6 glory version, 2018 models of all traction products; 2018 J6L trucks, JH6 convex floor trucks; J6P 6X4 southern dump trucks, Tiger VH multi-function transport dump trucks; J6P8X4 mixer trucks, J6P 8X4 A series of self-unloading, cargo, special-purpose vehicles and new energy vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks; and J6F pure electric van logistics vehicles, also shined at this conference.