Besturn's sales rose 167% in June. The new SUV product matrix continues to sell well.


The online auto market learned from FAW Besturn official that FAW Besturn sold 13,434 units in June, an increase of 167%. In the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume was nearly 50,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 4.1%. In 2019, as the first year of FAW Besturn's complete implementation of the new brand concept, the brand new T77 SUV products drove the upward upgrade of the brand! Driven the overall sales of the X40 and T series. In addition, FAW Besturn will launch more powerful new products to promote its sales growth. In the second half of this year, three new SUV models will be launched to help out.

Since the launch of the new brand last year, Besturn has always given people a young, energetic image, and its products are more and more in line with the "taste" of today's consumers. The T77 currently on sale is still its main model, with monthly sales exceeding 5,000 units. In addition, the small SUV - X40 also performed well, accounting for more than 30% of the total sales of Besturn.

Products have always been the first driver of market sales growth. Besturn will launch a new small SUV in the third quarter of this year - T33, positioning higher than the Besturn X40 in the market, the price will be slightly more expensive, will be sold with the X40 on the same market; a flagship listed in October Large SUV - T99, the front face design is somewhat similar to the Audi Q8, and the standard is equipped with the highly anticipated 3D holographic intelligent control system on the T77. The power part adopts the red flag HS5 2.0T engine; the T77 will also be ushered in at the end of the year. The redesigned model adds a more powerful 1.5T engine.