China FAW hosted the 7th TIAA Conference Red Flag brand formed the Innovation Ecosphere Alliance







In 2018, at the time of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the 65th anniversary of the founding of FAW, and the 60th anniversary of the red flag, the first TIAA conference was held with TIAA. It is China FAW's open innovation, international, and further implementation of the new Hongqi brand strategy. Important measures are of great significance to the implementation of the Red Flag brand globalization strategy.

At the meeting, more than 500 guests conducted extensive exchanges on advanced technology applications, international proposals and standards, openness and integration cooperation. The Red Flag Brand Innovation Ecology Alliance was announced and the National Intelligent Network Automotive Application (North) Demonstration Zone was launched. The red flag brand innovation experience space was unveiled.

Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd., said that China FAW will make every effort to set off the banner of China's auto industry's independent brand development, smashing red flags, grasping autonomy, strong cooperation, innovation, rapid layout, brave reform, and integration of the world. Advantageous resources, to create a "four departments", "three countries and five places" research and development pattern, develop new business, create a new ecology, foster new kinetic energy, build an open platform and ecology, jointly meet the new challenges of the automotive industry, innovative opportunities, cooperation In the future, we will expand and strengthen the in-vehicle information service industry application alliance and the China FAW Hongqi brand innovation ecosystem to promote the common progress of the automobile industry and make the red flag dream come true.

Zhu Tianshu, deputy governor of Jilin Province, said that the realization of the red flag brand revitalization is the common expectation of the Chinese people, and supporting the reform and development of FAW is the responsibility of the province. It is hoped that the Hongqi Brand Innovation Alliance will gather new technologies, integrate new formats, and accelerate the development of the innovation chain. We look forward to the car alliance to give full play to the global resource advantages and help China FAW to build a "China's first, world-class" mobile travel service company.

Changchun Mayor Liu Changlong said that Changchun City will give the city's strength to support FAW, create a better development environment, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

On behalf of China FAW, Wang Guoqiang, deputy general manager of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd. officially announced the construction plan of the Red Flag Brand Innovation Ecosphere Alliance, and invited the world to jointly promote China FAW to integrate the world's advanced technology, enhance intelligent network, new energy, and vehicle. A leading edge in the information field.

At the same time, the conference held the Red Flag Brand Innovation Ecology Circle Summit Forum, the 2nd China-Korea Internet of Vehicles International Forum, the Autopilot and Vehicle Information Service Forum, and the National Vehicle Network Industry Standard System Construction Guide (Electronic Products and Services). The signing of international cooperation agreements and the issuance of 11 car association standards such as the "General Specification for L-Band Antennas for Satellite Mobile Multimedia Vehicles".