Dare to enter "no man's land", Jiefang Engine division innovates for the future



On September 27th, the expert group of China Automotive Enterprise Innovation “Anting Index” organized by the Automobile Evaluation Institute entered the FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as “Engine Division”) and explored its 75 years of hard work and innovation. Experience and explore its multi-dimensional innovations such as mechanism, management and culture to plan the future development path.

75 years of brand accumulation, set off the responsibility of high-end power brand
The Engine Division is part of the Liberation Business Division of FAW Group and is one of the series of results of the reform of the organizational structure of Xu Liuping, the chairman and party secretary of FAW Group. The history of the FAW Jiefang Engine Division can be traced back to 1943, from the establishment of Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory, to the FAW Group in 1992, and to the specialized branch of FAW Jiefang in 2003. In October 2017, in accordance with the unified deployment of FAW Group and the Liberation Business Headquarters, the original FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory was the main body, integrating Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., FAW Wuxi Oil Pump Nozzle Research Institute, Wuxi Dahao Power Co., Ltd. and the Engine Development Institute of FAW Commercial Vehicle Research Institute formed the FAW Jiefang Engine Division.

For 75 years, the engine business unit has always stepped out of its own unique development path by insisting on innovation. In the past, in the long-term lack of key core technologies of power equipment, the engine division has continuously sought breakthroughs and realized the independent development of China's power industry. On December 20, 2003, China's first four-valve engine with independent intellectual property rights, the Aowei CA6DL engine, was born, marking the leap of the engine from China to China. After entering the new century, the engine division took the lead in forming a product design capability that is being developed in the country.

Today, the FAW Jiefang Engine Division, which is in its 75th anniversary, has grown into a commercial power production giant with sales revenue of nearly 17 billion yuan and world-class products. The product layout includes diesel engine, gas engine, remanufactured product and fuel injection pump. The diesel engine displacement covers 2-16 liters, forming a new pattern of comprehensive development of heavy, medium and light. The power of the national six-stage product can meet the needs of various market segments. . As FAW Liberation is responsible for the R&D and production base of the engine, the Engine Division has set the task of building a “domestic leading, world-class” high-end power national brand in the reform, and promoted the liberation of FAW to achieve “China’s first and international first-class”. Strategic objectives.

Four ventures, FAW Jiefang engine realized from following to leading

Assistant to the Minister of the FAW Liberation Business Division, Assistant General Manager of the Liberation Company, and Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the FAW Jiefang Engine Division, Qian Hengrong believes that there is no way for follow-up development, and Xichai must take the lead. With the homogenization of price competition, Xichai competes with its competitors and takes the lead of technological differentiation. Xichai has the foundation and advantages, and it is imperative to follow the transition from follow-up, and it must be fast-paced. Qian Hengrong said: "Our three previous ventures are actually 'following', but this follow-up is not a simple follow-up, but a passive follow-up phase to a close follow-up phase to an active follow-up phase, starting with the fourth venture. , we have to enter the stage of transition from following to leading."

Qian Hengrong said that the FAW Jiefang Engine Division pioneered five major mechanisms for technological innovation in the industry, including decision-making mechanisms, operational mechanisms, development mechanisms, dynamic mechanisms and evaluation mechanisms, through the transformation of these five innovation mechanisms, and management innovation and culture. Innovative measures have enabled FAW Jiefang Engine Division to stand at the height of four ventures and carry out an unprecedented strategic transformation. From the perspective of theoretical innovation, from 2011 onwards, it will take 15 years to realize the transformation from technology-oriented to technology-oriented; The transition from a learning enterprise to an innovative enterprise; the transition from product marketing to brand marketing and the transition from connotation management to lean management.

Qian Rongheng believes that the development of enterprises is inseparable from innovation, and the more development and innovation of enterprises, the more important it is. He said: "In the early stage of enterprise development, when we have a big gap with the international level, we just have to follow others. When we get closer and closer to the international level, or when we go beyond and lead, it will become awkward. Because when you get to the forefront of an industry, no one knows the direction of the next step. To enter the 'no man's zone, you need to explore and need innovation, otherwise you can only be a follower forever."

Not long ago, at the 67th Hannover International Commercial Vehicle Show, FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (Xichai) and Germany's well-known auto parts manufacturer Mahler jointly released the world's first successful application of laser-welded steel pistons. MAHLE laser-welded steel piston products are the first to be matched on the Xichai Aowei 6DM3 engine, which will make the Xichai Aowei 6DM3 engine more powerful, lighter weight, lower fuel consumption and longer oil change intervals, marking Xichai Aowei engine has entered the forefront of the world in the application of new technologies. “In the past, we all applied mature technology. Now the world’s most advanced technology is applied by us, and the Chinese engine has changed from following to leading.” Qian Hengrong said.

 Management is the responsibility and mission. Focus on overall progress and development.

Li Qingwen, dean of the Automotive Evaluation and Research Institute, believes that the FAW Engine Division, which is based on Xichai, is an important achievement of FAW Group's reform and is also a correct choice. This resource integration will definitely lead to a good "chemical reaction." Li Qingwen said that the engine division wants to innovate in management, can independently think about innovation under self-examination, and clearly treat the achievements of enterprises in the market, plan new development ideas, take the initiative to carry out strategic transformation, and correctly understand their own technology. Reorientation of strength, active innovation and practice. He said: "In the development process of FAW Jiefang Engine Division, it neither exaggerates achievements nor expands difficulties. It neither keeps up nor blindly follows, always insists on independent thinking, focuses on technology to lead innovation, and uses technology to lead the enterprise resource allocation. And use unique evaluation criteria and methods to promote technology leadership. At the same time, the pursuit of systematic solutions to make enterprises comprehensive progress and comprehensive development, has become the core backbone of China's commercial vehicle industry deserved."

After 75 years of wind and rain, from following to leading, FAW Jiefang Engine Division has used its innovation to develop its own development path. On the road to becoming a world-class supplier, innovation will continue to be a source of vitality for the brand. Qian Hengrong said: "As a state-owned enterprise, FAW Jiefang Engine Division is born with the historical responsibility of building an innovative country. In recent years, through self-examination and exploration through institutional innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation. With technological innovation as the core and the foothold, the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy will continue to advance toward the goal of building a leading domestic and world-class technology-led enterprise."