FAW Jiefang J6L Elite Edition Launch and Bowei Brand Launch Ceremony Held


    At the ceremony, FAW Jiefang displayed the new J6L Elite Edition, which carries the eight-year accumulation of Jiefang Zhongjia J6L models, and released the Bowei brand, one of the three major product brands of Jiefang Power. Media, distributors and friends from all over the country who watched the live broadcast online witnessed the glorious moment of the launch of the Jiefang J6L Elite Edition and the release of the Bowei brand.

    Along with the dynamic and enthusiastic sitcom dance "Colorful New Trends", "FAW Jiefang J6L Elite Edition Launching and Bowei Brand Launch Ceremony" kicked off.

    Hu Hanjie, assistant general manager of China FAW, chairman of FAW Jiefang, and party secretary, said: "Tonight's protagonist-the upcoming J6L Elite Edition, is the essence of the liberation people's hard work, wisdom and struggle, regardless of the era. How to change, we never forget our original intention, user-centered, build cars for users, build good cars for users, and make money machines.



    Take advantage of the wind of the clouds to show Kunpeng's ambition. At the scene, Hu Hanjie, FAW Jiefang General Manager Assistant, Sales Company General Manager, and Party Secretary Wang Zhicai, FAW Jiefang General Manager Assistant, Engine Division General Manager, and Party Secretary Qian Hengrong jointly reached out to touch the starter ball to welcome the arrival of J6L Elite Edition To accumulate energy, to be ready. When the on-site expectations continue to rush and condense, when the screen energy gradually converges, the Jiefang J6L Elite Edition carries eight years of accumulation, brings the new wind of the times, and comes to the world in the eyes of everyone, igniting the joyous atmosphere of the audience.

    Rooted in classics, innovative breakthroughs. Hu Shuchun, the chief designer of J6L products of FAW Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development Institute, explained the youthful product of J6L Elite Edition for everyone. J6L Elite Edition adheres to the traditional advantages of the J6 platform and achieves all 81 performance upgrades. With the blessing of intelligent technology, it helps users to improve driving experience, reduce operating costs, and strengthen management capabilities; the appearance of the atmosphere is tough, with 5 stunning colors , Breaking the old-fashioned traditional impression of commercial vehicles; the new interiors that can be designed for standard passenger cars are also more in line with the usage habits of Chinese truck drivers, adding interest and vitality to the driving life on the road. The J6L Elite Edition will set a new benchmark in the medium-duty truck industry with excellent quality and an elite attitude.

    Hot ingenuity, can withstand tempering, excellent quality, can withstand the test. In order to ensure the high quality of Jiefang Jiefang, the J6L Elite Edition has undergone rigorous design, testing and test marketing before it goes on the market. Jiefang also assembled product experience officers from different fields to take the lead in the "J6L Elite Edition First Experience". The experience officers expressed their feelings and experiences on the use of the J6L Elite Edition through the online cloud. Some people think that its color scheme shows off its personality, some people like its information-based intelligent services, and some people agree that it is comparable to the interior of a passenger car. They think that it makes driving life more comfortable and fun. That share of affirmation and blessing is a kind of confidence and encouragement. Jiefang J6L Elite Edition stands out with an outstanding posture, will accompany thousands of card friends to travel through mountains and rivers, bring more profit to card friends, and become their reliable partner in the long road.