FAW Jiefang New Energy Strategy Released! Hit the target of annual sales of 500,000 vehicles


In order to thoroughly implement the "dual carbon" strategy and implement China FAW's "11245" strategic goal, on September 29, FAW Jiefang held a new energy strategy release and new energy business unit inauguration meeting and released the "15333" new energy strategy ("Blue Way Action"").

It is understood that FAW Jiefang plans to sell 500,000 new energy vehicles in 2035, accounting for more than 70% of total sales, and revenue of more than 250 billion yuan. That is, the market share of new energy is higher than that of traditional vehicles, and the sales of new energy account for more than the total.The industry’s "two highs" goals.

It is reported that in the "15333" new energy strategy, "1" represents a vision, that is, FAW Jiefang will be committed to becoming a global commercial vehicle technology leader, standard setter, and value creator in the E era, providing customers with "China's No. , World-class" new energy smart transportation solutions. "5" represents the five major product platforms of heavy, medium, light, micro, and passenger vehicles. The first "3" represents the three technical routes of pure electric power, hybrid power, and fuel cell. The second "3" represents the three major layouts in the fields of R&D, production capacity, and ecology. The last "3" represents 3 new energy exclusive services.
As a leader in the industry, FAW Jiefang has always regarded new energy as a major corporate strategy, and has firmly moved forward with development. In October 2018, FAW Jiefang's new brand concept of "trustworthiness, wisdom and courage, and benefiting the world", drew the "Liberation Blue Way" new energy business development concept. In September 2020, the "Jiefang Chuangling" technology brand formulated the "Jiefang Lantu" new energy technology innovation route. In July this year, the "Smart Power Domain" brand was liberated to provide users with "high intelligence, high reliability, and low TCO" new energy powertrain solutions.

According to reports, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, FAW Jiefang will invest more than 20 billion yuan in research and development to build a global new energy innovation base with Changchun as the "four countries and nine places"; in terms of production capacity layout, it will build fuel cells.An exclusive base for complete vehicles and systems, an exclusive base for pure electric vehicles and power batteries featuring wind, light and green energy, to build a new energy resource cluster covering Northeast, North China, East China and other national key markets.
According to data, in recent years, FAW Jiefang has adhered to its brand strategy as its leadership and driven by innovation and change. It has achieved the world's largest sales of medium and heavy trucks for four consecutive years, the world's largest sales of heavy trucks for five consecutive years, and the growth rate of light trucks for five consecutive years.First, the brand value has been the No. 1 in the industry for ten consecutive years.From January to August this year, FAW Jiefang’s vehicle sales were 370,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 2.9%, and continued to maintain a strong momentum of development.