FAW-Volkswagen brand market share of 6.7% in April hit a record high


  In April 2019, FAW-Volkswagen's retail sales volume was 150,763 units (including 4,602 Audi imported cars), ranking first in the industry. At the same time, in January-April, FAW-Volkswagen Terminal sold a total of 625,642 vehicles (including 18,894 Audi imported cars), and continued to rank first among all passenger car companies. It can be said that under the continuous downward pressure of the current automobile market, FAW-Volkswagen once again outperformed the market, and the strength explained the market law of “stronger Hengqiang”.
    In addition, all the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand models have also produced a brilliant "transcript". In April, FAW-Volkswagen's retail sales volume was 104,527 units, with a market share of 6.7%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points year-on-year. The market share reached a record high in the same period. Among them, the car camp represented by Bora, Golf and Sagitar, as well as the SUV family camp consisting of Detecting Song and Exploring Yue, all showed strong product offensives and became the cornerstone of FAW-Volkswagen's brand sales.
    Before the SUV model, the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand has been deeply immersed in the sedan segment, and with the leading edge of the classic car models in the market segment, it ranks among the top passenger car sales in the country. Among them, the new generation of Polaris performance is very eye-catching, in April, the Bora brand sold 19,192 units, an increase of 8.2% from the previous month, and successfully ranked the top 3 in the A-class mainstream sedan sales; in January-April, the Bolai brand sold 78,271 units, also in the same place. The top three in the market segment.
    “A+ level benchmark” Sagitar also has excellent market performance. In particular, the new generation of Sagitar Long-Wheelbase, which just completed the MQB platform switch in March, renewed the segment quality standards by virtue of the size and rich configuration of the B-Class. In April, Sagitar brand terminals sold 22,492 new cars, a 39.7% increase from the previous quarter, and once again handed over a bright transcript to the market; in January-April, the cumulative sales of the Sagitar brand reached 77,388 units, helping the Volkswagen brand to become a sales force.
    The golf family sold 10,810 units in April, with a market share of 48.9%, occupying half of the market segment and becoming the "selling king" of the A-class hatchback market. “B-class car leader” Magotan sold 12,792 new cars in April, up 7.8% from the previous month. In January-April, the cumulative sales volume of Magotan reached 52,489 units, becoming the unbreakable mainstay of the FAW-Volkswagen brand in the winter.
    In addition, as the flagship model of the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand, the new generation CC sold 2,180 units in April, an increase of 38.6% year-on-year; more importantly, with the strength of the shoulder-to-seat luxury coupe, the new generation CC has refreshed the hearts of Chinese consumers. The "most beautiful Volkswagen", the strength of the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand "brand up" banner.
   Power builds word of mouth, sales are evidence. In 2019, in the face of the ups and downs of the auto market, the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand took advantage of the trend and won the competition. It performed well in the four months that it has already passed, showing the ambition of the industry's “head car enterprise”. Strength; In the future, with the launch of eight new products, the strong layout in the car and SUV fields will be completed one after another, and its market prospects will be more worthy of expectation.