FAW stuff win the national vocational skills competition

The National Staff Skills Competition is a national first-class competition. It has been successfully held for five times since 2003. It is training technicians, selecting technical talents, promoting applicable technologies, exchanging common technologies, innovating special technologies, popularizing technological achievements and innovations. In terms of aspects, a greater impact has been formed.

In this competition, 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) participated in the competition, with a total of 88 players. This is the largest number of competitions in this competition. The contestants are selected by the provinces and municipalities, and the technicians and senior technicians account for more than 90% of the competition.

During the competition, FAW players faced many obstacles such as tongs, drilling machines, lights, etc., tried to adjust the state, overcome difficulties, and worked hard to create the best results in the national competition that broke through history.

Before the competition, the trade unions of the group company organized and organized a one-month intensive training, conducted dozens of theoretical competition training and ten sets of practical exercises, summed up the best processing technology of practical parts, and prepared for the battle. The contest is doing its homework.

In recent years, the group company has always combined the development of the employee skill competition with the improvement of the learning and innovation capabilities of the employees, combined the incentive mechanism for the growth of skilled workers with the environment for the growth of skilled personnel, and generally improved the skill level of employees. Create a combination of highly skilled personnel, build a platform for employees to build a skilled talent team, and provide technical talent support for enterprise development.