Hongqi Factory Wins "Agility Excellence Award" for Best Factory in China


On November 25th, the 4th China Best Factory / China Operational Excellence Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Automobile Museum. . This is also the red flag factory's “Best Factory” award after winning the China Best Factory Manufacturing Quality Excellence Award in 2018. Xu Jian, co-chair of China Best Factory / Operational Excellence Awards Jury and Global Partner of Kearney, presented the award to the Red Flag Factory.

Hongqi Factory won the "Best Agility Excellence Award" in China's Best Factory 2019

This year's selection and awards ceremony was co-sponsored by the world-renowned consulting firm Kearney in conjunction with Automotive Business Review magazine. In such a fierce international competition environment, how can companies operate more efficiently and win the best cost advantage? This has become the basic demand for the future development of enterprises. This year's selection activity focused on the theme of "reducing costs and increasing efficiency with intelligent manufacturing", and focused on examining the cost control and efficiency improvement of Chinese auto and auto parts companies under current intelligent production conditions. The judging panel gave FAW the reason for the award: the use of the world's most advanced technology and equipment in factories with a strong history of production, the production of China's independent high-end car production lines can quickly switch platforms in response to market changes, and realize the industry in the development of smart factories Lead.