Hongqi green smart town construction full start






The company's director, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, Guo Guohua, presided over the launching ceremony. Dong Hai, assistant general manager of the company, explained the development plan of Changchun Hongqi Town.

As a new business card of Changchun Automobile City jointly established by government and enterprises, the Jilin Provincial Government and China FAW will make full use of the superior resources to comprehensively carry out the cooperation of Hongqi Township project, and build “Leshan, Leshui, Lohas” and “Yiye” with a new business model. The ecological complex of Yiyou and Livable creates a model of smart city, smart transportation and smart life. It is reported that Hongqi Town will carry out overall planning according to “two districts and one street” including industrial tourism area, innovation leading area and Shili Dongfeng Long Street. Among them, the industrial tourism area will have a small town living room, Hongqi Museum, automobile industry door, sightseeing factory, Wenchuang Street District, Hongqi Park, and the innovation leading area will cover China FAW NBD Headquarters, intelligent network connection experience area, quality living environment. The branded supporting environment, the tasteful human environment and the innovation and entrepreneurship platform, the healthy and sustainable industry upstream and downstream ecology, and the strong automotive industry culture and education atmosphere. China FAW will build a Changchun Hongqi town with the provincial and municipal government's resource-based construction model and the provincial and municipal governments, through the industrial ecological center, intelligent manufacturing center, brand experience center, profit manufacturing center, talent gathering center, and mechanism innovation. The six core functional sections of the center will be able to empower Changchun Hongqi Town, and work together to create a bright future for Changchun Hongqi Town.

Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of the group, said that Hongqi Town is a strategic choice for the revitalization of China FAW Red Flag. The automobile industry is in an era of great development, great changes, and major adjustments. The Hongqi Town, which came into being, is the grand strategy of the Red Flag renaissance. It is a great exploration of FAW transformation, a great achievement of Jilin Revitalization, and a great pursuit of a better life. The town's grand strategy will help China FAW realize its new dream of red flag.

On behalf of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Zhu Tianshu, deputy governor of Jilin Province, paid tribute to the six-year struggle of Hongqi people and paid tribute to the red flag of China FAW. He asked all levels of government to play a better role. He hoped that China FAW would let the Chinese people take the car they made and let the world sit on the red flag intelligent network car made in China.