Practicing green public welfare, the Pentium brand has been acting


  Today is the annual Arbor Day. Unlike previous years, offline planting activities could not be carried out due to the epidemic situation. However, FAW Pentium, which has always been committed to public welfare development, has not stopped moving forward. Since the launch of the new Pentium brand strategy in October 2018, FAW Pentium has continued to practice "green public welfare undertakings" and promoted public welfare in many ways.

  On March 12, 2019, FAW Pentium released the "Pentium Green Action" charity brand, "Advocating Green Travel and Practicing Green Life", 39 media and brands helped to make a sound, and let the value concept of "low-carbon, healthy, and harmonious symbiosis" Reach the hearts of the people.

  In May of the same year, FAW Pentium signed an agreement with Antzhixing to reach in-depth cooperation, practice low-carbon life, and travel green. Then, I joined the Alxa SEE Foundation and formally signed a cooperation agreement to jointly launch the Pentium Green Plants Project of “Moving Yourself and E, Moving Forward”, and participated in the Alxa SEE Foundation “100 Million Shusuo” and “Forest "Multiple effects" two projects, working together on ecological protection and sustainable development.

  In November, on the 15th Anniversary Public Welfare Night of Alxa SEE Ecological Association in 2019, FAW Pentium was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award 2019” by Alxa SEE Foundation to thank FAW Pentium for its outstanding contributions to environmental protection and public welfare, and Corporate social responsibility for desertification prevention and ecological protection.

Fruitful results for public welfare

In Alxa, the three major deserts of Bataan Jilin, Ulan Buhe, and Tengger traverse the whole territory, and the desert area accounts for one third of the total area of ??Alxa. As the frontier of ecological desertification control and protection in China, it is urgent to delay the spread of desertification in Alxa area. In order to keep this ecological line of defense and cut off the "shake hands" of the three major deserts, the Alxa SEE Foundation proposes the "100 Million Shuttle" project, hoping to spend 10 years with government departments, entrepreneurs, and private environmental Organize together with local farmers and herdsmen to plant 100 million desert plants represented by shuttle in key ecological areas of Alxa to rebuild the original green ecological barrier in the area.

FAW Pentium paid attention to the desert ecological environment in Alxa, launched the Pentium Green Vegetation Program, and cooperated with Alxa SEE Foundation. As of now, Pentium has donated to complete the planting of 10,000 shuttles, covering an area of ??about 222 mu, and completed watering twice. The survival rate in the first year reached 95%. At present, a shuttle tree has gradually grown, which has played a key role in improving the local ecological environment in Alxa and curbing the trend of desertification.

In addition, the project and the local industry associations have explored a precise poverty alleviation model-sand control and getting rich. With the help of FAW Pentium, pastoralists can rebuild and restore pastures and actively participate in the sand-fixing and sand-fixing projects. Today, more than a thousand acres of shuttles have survived, and sand prevention and soil stabilization have also begun to bear fruit. In the future, herders can also earn economic income by grafting Cistanche on the bottom of the shuttle.

The consensus reached between FAW Pentium and Alxa SEE Foundation in the field of ecosystem restoration in China, including but not limited to the restoration of desertified areas. The "Multiple Benefits of Forests" project is its representative. By participating in this project, Pentium will restore wild animal habitats and return a "home" to wild animals, helping to continuously improve the ecological environment.

At present, the project donated by FAW Pentium is preparing for ecological restoration in the giant panda habitat and its key corridors in Tianquan County, Sichuan Province. By effectively absorbing carbon dioxide, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can be reduced, thereby reducing global warming. The project has entered the carbon sink project development and design stage. It is estimated that it will absorb 33,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to reducing the carbon emissions of more than 10,000 cars each year. By effectively restoring the ecological environment of giant panda habitats, protecting biodiversity, and helping build a giant panda national park.

Green move you and me

For many years, as a temperature-responsible car company, the brand's green behavior goes far beyond that. FAW Pentium actively implements social responsibility, from green products to green manufacturing, from green living to green public welfare, and has always adhered to practice and hard work.

In the manufacturing process, FAW Car has always paid close attention to the development of national environmental protection laws and regulations and energy policies. As one of the first green factories in the country, FAW Car Factory has always adhered to the idea of green management, committed to the application of new environmental protection technology, and introduced energy-saving and efficient environmental protection equipment. From factory planning to project implementation, we focus on the research and development of resource and energy utilization efficiency and clean production level, and adhere to the comprehensive development of green products and green factories.

On the product side, FAW Pentium also runs energy conservation and environmental protection throughout. The recently launched Pentium T77 PRO is equipped with a third-generation 1.5T engine and uses high compression ratio Miller cycle technology. The thermal efficiency can reach 39%, which lays a solid foundation for saving energy consumption. At the same time, it is equipped with an internationally advanced 350bar high-pressure direct injection system to achieve accurate fuel injection, ensuring efficient and clean combustion of the engine, and the emissions have reached the most stringent National 6b standard.

In addition, FAW Pentium is also actively developing new energy products for green blessings, and has successfully launched new energy models such as the Pentium B30 EV and X40 EV to the market. This year, Pentium C105, the first purely electric vehicle under development, will also be on the market, fully deploying the new energy vehicle market, and working together to promote green mobility.

Committed to sharing its own brand with the times, FAW Pentium cares about the people, cares for life, pays attention to the times, always practices green development concepts with actual actions, speaks for the protection of the ecological environment with corporate appeal, and fulfills its corporate social responsibility for building a green China dream . During the year, FAW Pentium has not forgotten the original intention of public welfare and firmly moved forward. Although this year's tree planting festival cannot lead everyone to plant trees offline, but follow the official FAW Pentium's Weibo and participate in online interaction. Hope!