The first large-scale airdrop tumbling test in China Pentium X40 security praised


    On the morning of the 30th, a public version of the car airdrop - "straight into the peak of the cloud and reached the peak", the first large-scale airdrop rolling test in China ended successfully in Ningbo. Under the joint witness of authoritative security experts and mainstream media, the Pentium X40 challenged the airdrop tumbling test and succeeded. FAW Pentium became the first car brand in China to successfully conduct airborne safety test of civilian vehicles.                    

Pentium X40 challenge airdrop tumbling test succeeded

    At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Pentium X40 was hoisted by a helicopter and the airdrop tumbling test began. The vehicle was then thrown directly from the air to the ground by a helicopter at a speed of 120 KM/H, tumbling on the ground, causing loud noises and intense collisions. After a severe impact and tumbling, the Pentium X40 withstood the test, the body was not significantly deformed, and the in-car test dummy was not "harmed."


    Subsequently, the China Automotive Research Safety Experts carefully examined the safety status of the Pentium X40 airdrop test, collected relevant data, and scientifically analyzed and announced the final result of the test: the Pentium X40 performed well in all the test subjects of the airdrop test. In terms of body structure, the Pentium X40 body structure remains intact, and the four doors can be opened smoothly without external force. After the water injection test, the fuel tank does not leak; under the protection of the restraint system, the driver and the front passenger position test leave. The person is sitting normally. The notary of the Tianyi Notary Office of Ningbo City carried out on-site notarization of this result. It can be said that the Pentium X40 uses the strength to prove that the name of "urban small armor" is not a name.

Notary public at the Tianyi Notary Office of Ningbo City

    The airdrop tumbling test is a reproduction of the real traffic accident pattern. According to the statistics of CIDAS in China's traffic accidents, the fall of vehicles from bridges, cliffs or highlands is a typical form of accident. When the vehicle falls from a height, the proportion of death or serious injury caused by rolling is significantly higher than other accidents, causing heavy losses. The airdrop tumbling test simulates this typical accident pattern, and the test is more targeted. The result is a more intuitive and reliable response to the test vehicle's protection of the occupants in this type of traffic accident. The Pentium X40 successfully challenged the airdrop tumbling test, indicating that it can provide good protection for drivers and passengers in high-altitude drop accidents, with a reliable quality of safety.

Safety first Pentium X40 "secret weapon

    The Pentium X40 is a popular model of the Pentium brand. Its trendy design and leading smart technology have always been loved by consumers. In terms of safety, the Pentium X40 is equally good.The Pentium X40 features a reinforced 3H body. The body structure uses over 20% ultra-high strength steel, with sufficient toughness and high specific strength and yield ratio, as well as good weldability and formability. The multi-channel energy transmission design can quickly disperse the huge kinetic energy generated by the collision to all parts of the vehicle body, so that the concentrated impact energy can be effectively decomposed to avoid excessive deformation at the local level, thus ensuring the safety of the occupant. In addition, the front and rear door reinforcement anti-collision beams with high tensile strength up to 1500Mpa and the high-strength front and rear bumper anti-collision beams make the Pentium X40 provide real effective protection for the occupants regardless of whether they are hitting or touching.

    In terms of active safety, the Pentium X40 is equipped with the internationally advanced Bosch 9th generation ESP system, which provides ESP electronic body stability, ABS brake anti-lock system and TCS traction control system to monitor vehicle status in real time, avoiding slippage and Locked up. A parking radar system sensor is installed around the vehicle body to detect obstacles around the vehicle, and the driver is prompted by a buzzer to avoid paralysis. Active daytime safety lights such as LED daytime running lights, tire pressure alarms, and rearview mirror heating/anti-glare/side turn signals provide a more comprehensive safety guarantee for car owners.It is reported that in the C-NCAP crash test in 2018, the Pentium X40 received a five-star safety rating with a high score of 55.4.

    Safety is the brand of Pentium. As early as the birth of the brand, the B70, the founding model of the Pentium, carried out a series of safety tests such as the first live-action rollover and extreme static pressure test in China. The Pentium X40's first large-scale airdrop tumbling test in China once again broke the routine, and proved the high security of the Pentium brand model with the test results of the high expectations. It showed good product strength and core competitiveness in the security field.