Touching the service to the world, even the trucks friends on the other side of the ocean have praised again and again!

Mysterious letter from Trinidad and Tobago

On June 14, 2018, the Chinese Truck English Network received a letter from a customer in Trinidad and Tobago. Her name is Carol Thomas and she bought a FAW Jiefang Hongta Brand truck in 2004. Now I want to inquire about the bearing accessories of the truck clutch and provide detailed vehicle information and part numbers. After receiving the customer's request, China Truck English Network sent her demand to FAW Jiefang.




Active deployment, FAW Jiefang people help
According to these news, FAW Jiefang confirmed that the car was produced by FAW Yunnan Hongta Company. There is no after-sales repair shop in Trinidad and Tobago. In view of the fact that it is impossible to directly allocate accessories from the local area, and the vehicle is older, It is more difficult to provide accessories. After clarifying the news, the staff of the liberation of Yunnan Hongta spared no effort to help the international card friend, actively seeking other ways to provide the necessary accessories.
Free! Successful delivery of accessories
After a few days of hard work, FAW Jiefang Yunnan Hongta Group finally found the accessories that Carol Thomas needed and offered it to her free of charge. After confirming the address with her, the accessory was sent from China on July 11, 2018, and was successfully sent to her on July 19.
Touched the service, foreign trucks friends like it!
After receiving the accessories, Carol Thomas expressed gratitude for the service of FAW Jiefang. It is understood that this truck is driven by her brother, mainly used to transport home, tools and some factory equipment. There is no big problem in 14 years, it is a very practical truck.
Practice of moving services , FAW Jiefang responsibility
Practice of moving services has always been the principle of FAW Jiefang customers. This responsibility is time-independent, regardless of distance, regardless of national boundaries. When it is difficult, see the true concern; attentive, see the real touch. I want to think of the card friends, save the urgency of the card friends, liberate with the actual actions to prove the true meaning of the service, won the unanimous praise of domestic and foreign card friends.