400L steel fuel tank, iron bumper, aluminum radiator, oil bath air filter, front and rear multilayers leaf spring suspension, rear two -point spiral spring suspension, power hydraulic lifting device , ZF reaction rod, 4U-type bolts.

Product Details

Overall(length*width*height) 9050*2500*3680mm
Gross weight(kg) 25000
Curb weight kg 12300
Rate load weight 12505
Engine Model Xicai CA6DM2-39E3F
Engine type 6 cylinders, direct injection, turbocharge, middle cooling, in-line pump + EGR
Power 390 horse power
TorqueN.m/rpm 1750/1300
Displacement (L) 11.04
Wheel base 4050+1350mm
Transmission Model 12 speed manual gearbox with over drive (flange PTO)
Type Manual mechanical type, synchronizer in sub-gearbox
Gear 12 forward gears, 2 backward gears
Clutch ф430
Cab l J6P full floating flat roof one and a half row cab,
l LCD meters,
l electric windows,
l auto A/C
l manual rear view mirror,
l air vibration reduction driver’s seat
Rear Axle ф300 casting wheel reduction axle (manual adjustment arm, 8 holes V rod)
Rear axle speed ratio 5.921
Frame 300*80*(8+8+5)mm
(three layers frame
Tire 12.00R20 18 layers ( 8.8 inch rim)
Fuel Tank 400L steel fuel tank
Battery 150AhX2 battery
Color white
The carriage (length*width*height) 5800×2300×1500mm,Bottom 8mm
and side 6mm thickness K450 high-strength wear resisting plate,
front lifting entirety U-shaped cargo box, SUNHUNK-200 lifting hydro cylinder.